Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kyougen night in Daikakuji temple 2009 March

Do you know the Kyogen?
Kyougen is one of the Japanese traditional arts from the history over 650 years ago.
Kyogen is called Noh comedy in English.
Kyogen is part of Noh, but Kyogen is formed as one thing now.

Kyogen's actor is succeeded their boy by their father (patrimonal), they were keeping and protecting their traditional arts and they were changing their style to be correcting in the present age.

Kyogen's actor wraps the body in Kimono and plays funny content.

This event was played by SHIGEYAMA Kyougen family, they keep and protect their tradition in Kyoto.

This event's place is Daikakuji temple with keep and protect their tradition and the histry too.
Daikakuji temple is noble temple, with having strongly relations Japanese royal family.

It held the Kyogen in Daikakuji temple's hall, after night special visit and the sermon of the high priest.

The Daikakuji of traditional temple, the SHIGEYAMA Kyogen of traditonal arts and the Togetsutei's traditional Kyo-Kaiseki dinner!
It was wonderful night of Kyoto.

SHIGEYAMA Kyougen, Noh comedy.

Daikakuji temple.