Wednesday, April 22, 2009

周恩来(Zhou Enlai)

Do you know the Zhou Enlai prime minister(周恩来)?
When he came abroad to study in Japan, he wrote one poem.
This poem’s name is Raining Arashiyama(雨中嵐山).
There is a monument which inscribed this poem in Kameyama area of Arashiyama Park.
Wen Jiabao prime minister(温家宝), Chinese important person, visited this place too when he visited to Japan.
And many Chinese people are visited this place too, because he is a one of the Chinese hero.
This place is the symbol of the Japan and China friendship now.

Togetsukobashi-bridge, from entrance of Togetsutei Shuzankaku.

The place, across the togetsukobashi-bridge, you can see Mt. Ogurayama and Ooigawa-river.

And across the Togetsukyou-bridge.

When you across the Togetsukyou-bridge, please turn left and go straight.

When you see a stone pavement, please walk on the stone pavement, please go straight too.

When you walk for a while, north side of stone road is put the stone pillar.

And the south side is spreading the great view of Mt and river.

There are the stairs of the stone over there.

There are a sign, middle of the stone stairs, it is written as “Monument commemorating.

Chinese prime minister Zhou Enlai’s poem”.
Please go up the stairs a little more.

When you go up the stairs top, you can see a new sign but can’t see a Zhou Enlai prime ministers 's poem’s sign.
But please don’t worry, please look right side!

You can see a Zhou Enlai prime minister’s poem’s sign!

This is back of the monument.

This is front of the monument of Zhou Enlai prime minister’s poem.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Matsuo Taisya Shrine’s information

A Japanese mountain rose, called Yamabuki, is full bloom now, at Matsuo Taisya Shrine.
A Japanese mountain rose is small yellow flowers.

Matsuo Taisya shrine is far from Arashiyama about 25 minutes walk.
If you use Hankyu train, few minutes ride from Arashiyama station to Matsuo station.
When you get off the train gate, you can see a big red structure.
The big red structure is entrance of Matsuo Taisya Shrine.

The language of flowers for Yamabuki is Dignity, Sublime, and Can hardly wait.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cherry blossom of Arashiyama 2009 part 2

The cherry blossom is called SAKURA to Japanese people.

Kyoto, Arashiyama’s SAKURA is full-blown now.

SAKURA of Arashiyama's park

SAKURA of Hourinji temple