Thursday, March 3, 2011

The flower of the plum

The flower of the plum is very good sign in Japan.
It blooms faster than other flower still cold before spring.
That is why, Japanese likes it.

There is a shrine which famous for a plum tree.
This is Kitano-Tenmanguu-shrine.

This shrine god’s name is Sir. Mitizane Sugawara, he was very very smart parson, Japanese people say “this shrine is god of study.
When the university entrance exam period, so many examinee go to there.

And you can see some statues of cow in shrine, why?
A cow was servant of Sir. Mitizane Sugawara, therefore a believer sent statues of cow.

Past post of Kitano-Tenmanguu-shrine.

Map : Kitano-Tenmanguu-shrine from Togetsutei Ryokan.