Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kurumazaki Jinjya Shrine

Do you know the Kurumazaki Jinjya Shrine?
This Shrine has strange cause of Shrine’s name.
Kurumazaki means stop a car.
Long long time ago, when Japanese emperor’s cow carriage gone along in front of this Shrine, the cow carriage suddenly stopped there.
The people of the followers of emperor pushed and pulled cow carriage, but this cow did not move an inch.
People called this Shrine Kurumazaki Jinjya Shrine after this matter.

I found small spring at Kurumazaki Jinjya Shrine.

There close spring!

An access to Kurumazaki Jinjya Shrine from Arashiyama.
If you use Randen railway company, Randen Arashiyama station – Saga station – Rokuouin station – Kurumazaki jinjya station, 4th station from Arashiyama station.
About 5 minutes ride.
One way 200yen.