Thursday, July 24, 2008

A traditional summer event on 31 July

Sennichi-mairi is a traditional religious summer event of Arashiyama and it is light mountain climbing event which will be held on 31 July mid-nights on Mt, Atago.

The reason why people climb Mt, Atago?
Because there is Atago shrine on the top of the mountain and that is believed “God of fire”.

Climbing Mt, Atago on 31 July means to receive divine favor.

The God of Atago shrine will protect people who climb the mountain for 1,000 days from fire disaster. In addition, people take their children under three years old to the top of the mountain as well, because people believe that the God will protect them from fire disaster for lest of their lives.

Would you like to try?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cormorant fishing

Do you know the cormorant fishing?

Cormorant fishing is a pastime that gives poetic charm to summer in Arashiyama.

Using trained cormorant (shags) to catch fish is an ancient Japanese method.

Fisherman hang small fires from the fronts of their boats with metal frames and use the light to aid in handling the birds.

That is quotation from pamphlet of Kyoto Prefectural Government publication.

←Cormorant fishing.

←Make-up ship.

You embark a customer's ship, follow the cormorant master's ship.
About an hour's embarking.

You would feel cool wind on the River and traditional Japanese culture in hot summer of Kyoto.
The cormorant fishing is done on Ooi River, near Togetsutei.

A period, 1 July to 15 September.
A time, 1 July to 31 August is 19:00's embarkation and 20:00's embarkation.
A time, 1 September to 15 September is 18:30's embarkation and 19:30's embarkation.

A charge:
Normal ship is 1,700 yen.
Make-up ship is 2,000 yen.