Information of our area

Our area, Arashiyama is west of Kyoto city, was loved by ancient noble and was remaining own beautiful scenery.

Arashiyama has a symbol bridge, now people called “Togetsukyo-bridge”, but this bridge’s old name is Houringebashi-bridge.
※Hourinjibashi consist of 2words to Hourinji and Bashi, Hourinji is temple ‘s name in Arashiyama, and Bashi mean bridge.
That is meaning a bridge of Hourinji-temple.

Once, ancient empire “from the upper reaches of a river” took a long looking at Houring-bridge and full moon on the bridge.
And at that time, he said, like a full moon is moving on the bridge.
This is reason that was named “Togetsukyo-bridge” by ancient empire Kameyama-Jyoukou.
※Togetsukyo-bridge consist of 3Chainese characters to [To] [getsu] and [kyo], [To] mean move, [getsu] mean moon and [kyo] mean bridge.

The others, so many people “empire, noble, poet and historical persons” spent own life in Arashiyama.

Arashiyama is not only beautiful scenery but historical area.
Would you feel the history of Arashiyama for the five senses?

Would you come to Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan?