Sunday, August 3, 2008

A traditional summer event on 23, 24, August.

The Sentoukuyou is traditional summer event of Arashiyama- Sagano area and the Sentoukuyou of Adashinonenbutuji-temple is traditional religion event too.
The Adashinonenbutuji-temple was established since 1,100 years ago.

Those days when the temple was established this area was burial area for people.
Therefore this temple’s precincts have Buddha of stone and tombstone of several thousand.
23, 24, August of every year, this temple hold a service there stone for the light of the candle.

In addition, around the Adashinonenbutuji-temple is veiled in a garden lantern.

The fantastic scene has great value to see.

Date : 23, 24 August
Time : 18:00~20:30
Cost : 1,000yen