Thursday, August 14, 2008

A traditional summer event on 16 August

Summer event to be called Okuri-bi

Okuri-bi(Five Mountain Send-off Bonfire)
This traditional event represents the end of summer in Kyoto.
On August 16th, at five mountain locations, Japanese letter shaped areas are set alight to guide sprits back after visiting their old homes.

That sentence quotation from pamphlet of Kyoto Prefectural Government publication.

First fire is Daimonji on Mt nyoigatake.
Second fire is Myouhou on Mt nisi and Mt higashi.
Third fire is Funagata on Mt myoukenn.
Fourth fire is HidariDaimonnji on Mt daimonnji.
Fainal fire is our area Arashiyama on Mt mandara, can you see a holy fire.

Date : 16 August
Time : 20:20