Monday, May 3, 2010

Ninnaji temple

Ninnaji temple is world heritage, has a national treasure and important cultural property.

This is a Gojyuunotou and important cultural property.
A Gojyuunotou was built in 1644.
This building’s height is 36.18 meters.
※A Gjyuunotou means Five Storied Pagoda.

This is a Kyozou and important cultural property.
A Kyozou was built in 1644.
※A Kyouzou means storehouse of sutras.

This is a Miedou and important cultural property.
A Miedou was built in 1624.

There is a lot of highlight in Ninnaji temple.

An access from Togetsutei to Ninnaji temple.
Randen train is best way.
①From Togetsutei to Arashiyama station of Randen train.(7minutes walk)
②From Arashiyama station to Katabiranotsuji station.(6minutes train ride and transfer)
③From Katabiranotsuji station to Omuro-Ninnaji station.(6minutes train ride)
④From Omuro-Ninnaji station to Ninnaji temple.(3minutes walk)

Omuro-Ninnaji station of Randen train.

You can see this view, when you get off the Omuro-Ninnaji station.
That is Ninnaji temple.